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    DUNHUA Stable PPR-AL-PPR composite pipe is composite pipe of five layers, inside and outside layers of which are made of PP-R, tightly bonded with melt adhesive to the mid-layer of aluminum core which is longitudinally welded in a butt-welded or overlap-welded way, this kind of pipe is the perfect union of metal and the plastic ones.

    Pipe structure


  • 1.Compared with the metal pipe, the composite pipe has the same strength, easy to bend, reluctant to retain former shape
    2.Super properties of high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance
    3.Smooth inner surface of the pipe reduces resistance to the fluids. The ability to conduct water is 30% more efficient
    4.Good property of heat preservation, heat conduction coefficient is 0.45W/m.k,which is much less than metal pipes and it can save insulation materials outside the pipe
    5.Easy to cut and install. It can be connected with special fittings instead of screw fittings; small diameter pipes can be rolled and packaged. Once received the pipes (bent radius >5d) can be cut to desired length and simply bent in order than many directional parts such as elbows or angles ate no longer recessing very convenient to install, much time and labor cost can be saved;
    6.Life pan of The composite pipe is more than 50 years.


  • 1.Underfloor heating;
    2.Heating system of caliduct and wall, the equipment for snow melting in cold regions;
    3.Heat and cold pipes for life, solar energy water heater, irrigation engineer in agriculture;
    4.Pipes for coal gas and natural gas, air-condition and blower;
    5.Pipes for electric wire and cable;
    6.Pipes for oil and industrial liquids transportation.


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