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DUNHUA Radiant Floor Heating Manifolds ----To Make a Manifold, As a Precision-cut Diamond

Each manifold is a finishing work of art; every manifold is crafted
From research, design, development and production, from the routine inspection and after-sales service
Each component & each element are the fruits to our rigid quality control
DUNHUA team believes "Diamond Quality, Trustworthy & Reliable"

Central Heating System

Love Your Family, Then A Warm Home for Your Family

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    Underfloor Heating Manifolds
    The Function of the manifold plumbing system is to distribute hot and cold water to various points of use from a central point. Depending on the property, one or more sets of manifolds will be used.
    It is composed of a supply manifold (for distributing the hot water), a return manifold (which serves as a collector and sends the water back to the heat source) and a bracket, including distributor main, collector main, balancing valves, air vents, drain valves, swivel end cap, Isolation ball valves, thermostats and flow meter etc.

    How a Manifold Works
    Heat manifolds are increasingly used, particularly in the underfloor heating applications. Supply manifold is the “inlet” manifold, that distributes the hot water from the boiler (or other heat sources) through it’s outlets, which in turn, delivers the hot water to the desired source (floors, baseboard radiators, etc). When the heat from the hot water is transferred, the cooled water is carried back to the Return Manifold, which serves as a collector and sends the water back to the heat source.

  • Safer
    Pipelines are the only concealed work in the floor heating system and more important than other heating devices outside, e.g. Boilers, heating radiators, etc. Once the pipeline leaks, the whole house will suffer including the floor, furniture and even those of downstairs. What’s more, to find the leakage point, we should open a large area of floor and wall, which undoubtedly damages our house. Thanks to DUNHUA heating system applicable at 95°, it has fundamentally solve the leakage danger. You can count on us.
    More Comfortable
    Walking barefoot on a gently heated floor is pure luxury in severe winter. Looking at our baby crawling and running, DUNHUA heating system makes us link to the effect of sunshine radiating through the window. We never need to worry about catching a cold .
    DUNHUA radiant floor heating system is considered the most comfortable, healthiest and natural heating process available. Floor drafts, cold spots, and dry air are eliminated. Low humidity levels, dust, air contaminants, all problems associated with forced-air heating, are greatly reduced. It confirms to our China health preserving philosophy of “Warm the feet while cool the head”


    Multiple Choices

    All Deluxe Brass Construction, Nickel plated finish
    High-quality Stainless Steel to ensure the permanent corrosion

    Auto Air Eliminator

    Eliminate the air from radiant heating system
    Prevent air traps & enhance overall performance
    Stabilize thermal efficiency

    Ball Valve

    Thermostatic valve & head with remote sensor or thermal actuator
    Designed to control the flow & measure the internal temperature
    To filter the water
    To monitor supply water temperature

  • 1、Underfloor Heating
    2、Radiant Heating
    3、Conditioning System and other industrial water systems
    4、Drinking water system


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