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DUNHUA Thermal Fuser & Pipe Cutter

Since the ancient times, theory is based on objects and feeling is based on objects. Today “objects” to convey our viewpoints and passion are our service to our clients, enthusiastic and practical.
After-sales service is critically important to a continuous sale. It can help us know more about the products quality so as to improve ourselves. On the other hand, it serves as a platform between our customers and us in order to make every client satisfied.
Only for the sake of customers from their perspectives, we can truly win this market. We DUNHUA has consistently blended the natural, harmony, healthy and comfortable life ideas into every detail of making our piping systems in the customers’ position. And we continue to innovate persistently only targeting to offer better value-added service.

Piping Tools & Parts

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  • DUNHUA fusion unit with complete welders, PPR cutter and cutting Nippers and butt-welding machine are preferred choices of the plumper with a focus on safe & strong structure. They are suitable for the Electrothermal socket welding of thermoplastic pipes, e.g. PPR/PE/PB/PE-RT,etc.


  • TEMP Plate Made of Superior Aluminum
    High Thermal Conductivity, Secure & Strong


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