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DUNHUA RPAP5 Butt-welding Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe

The Safest Connection Fitting for High Temperature Radiator and Solar Heating System.

Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe

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  • DUNHUA RPAP5 Butt Welding Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe, independently developed by ourselves, is a new pipeline with high temperature and high pressure resistance. It combines the advantages of PPR pipes, Alu pipes and metal pipes and is recognized as “the steel pipe with plastic coat”. DUNHUA RPAP5 is produced by the overlapping method with 5 layers extrude-lamination.
    The intermediate layer--–a technical high strength butt welding & thin-wall aluminum. Both outer and inner layers----a food grade polyethylene raised material (PE-RT) from Korea LG. And the high standard adhesive bonds these materials together and prevents shear slippage.


  • 1.High temperature and high pressure resistance; the only pipe serving at 95℃ & 1.25MPa throughout the year.
    2.Double fusion connection which prevents leakage at the joints.
    3.Good oxygen-barrier, thin layer of lap welded aluminum which forms a 100% oxygen barrier to protect against corrosion and allows the pipe to have the ‘form-stable’ characteristic.
    4.Low thermal conditivity, 1/100 of the steel pipe, good for floor heating system
    5.Outer layer as a plastic coat protects the aluminum core and prevent water from contaminating; inner lay PE-RT allows for a smooth inwall surface for water running.
    6.Stable chemical structure, great flexibility, high mechanical strength, non-poisonous, innocuous, light tight, low thermal expansion and wide applications.

  • Applications
    1.Radiant heating
    3.Solar Energy System, Electric Heating and Floor heating water system.
    4.Cold & Hot Water, Drinking Water, Air Conditioning, Fire Heating etc.
    5.Medical Oxygen Transportation

    Double Fusing Connection
    Press Fitting Connection


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