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Building Water Supply System

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  • PPR (Polypropylene Random) has become a key material for hot and cold drinking water piping systems thanks to its high resistance to pressure and temperature.
    DUNHUA piping system has its unique aesthetic interpretation. Soft lines and detailed outlines display a ingenious artistic rendering. Outstanding craftsmanship makes our wandering mind bright. DUNHUA works at all its products in great care and extracts the essence with time and wisdom and pursue top quality and visual perception.
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    1.All DUNHUA brass inserts of pipe fittings use the capillary groove design with outside three and inside one, to avoid the leakage accidents caused from rough handling in the installation and using.
    2.The unique hidden milling teeth design eliminates the hidden danger from super torque installation.
    3.Tapered female and male threads, in seamless integration and mating design, further more secure a perfect sealing ability of joint, thus to assure that all of the hidden dangers have been removed in the application.
    4.The unique perforated design in the insert bottom and typical dovetail slot craftsmanship secure a more solid combination.
    5.All female threaded inserts are made of the brass with 62% high-purity.
    6.Elbows are designed in the big radian bending, which can effectly ease the water hammering and consequently put an end of pipe shocking.
    7.All Male threads in the gear hobbing process, to prevent the slipping & leakage, thereby to make it more firm and safety after installations.
    8.The wall thickness of our pipe fittings are made in positive tolerances, which undoubtedly decreases the hidden danger probability from over or side thermal weldings.

    Dovetail slot structure:Whatever of thermal expansion and cold contraction, it is always in a tight coupling to ensure the sealing.
    Common Structure:With the temperature changes, leakage clearance may come out between the brass inserts and plastics.
    DUNHUA pipe fittings, all inserts are made & forged of the brass with 62% high-purity, stable, strong, and reliable.

  • Hot and cold water supply
    Drinking water & liquid food supply system
    Under floor heading or radiator heating pipes
    Solar water Heaters Pipes Lines
    Central air conditioning systems
    Pipe Networks for compressed air plant
    Conveying air pressure
    Pipe for aggressive fluid likes acids and alkaline solutions
    Chemical industrial or agricultural applications


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