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DUNHUA Polybutylene (PB) Tubing ----The Gold in the Plastics

DUNHUA focuses on the health, hygiene, environment and comfort of its PB PIPING SYSTEM, which has been the preferred choice of residential water supply and heating networks.

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  • PB (Polybutylene) is a polyolefin or saturated polymer (poly (1-butene)), born in late 70’s. Because of its crystalline structure and high molecular weight, PB-1 has good resistance to hydrostatic pressure, showing very low creep even at elevated temperatures. it is now one of the most advanced chemical materials, recognized as “the gold in the plastics”, and used extensively for hot and cold drinking water distributions and heating and cooling networks all over the world.


  • 1.Light & flexible (the minimum bending radii is 6D, “D” for pipe outer diameter), with the weight only 1/20 of the galvanizing steel pipes, easy to transport.
    2.No calcification& environmental Longevity: due to its high molecular crystalline structure, lifetimes in excess of 50 years (50-100 years) , non-poisonous, innocuous & Generally resisting chemicals.
    3.Uvioresistant, no corrosion & anti-microbial property: water in the PB pipe remains undiseased for a long time.
    4.Good resistance to frost and elevated temperature: used at -20℃, PB pipe resists impact well and has good elastic recovery when unfreezing; for a service temperature less than 100°C.
    5.Smooth inwall: small resistance to fluid with 30% increases in water flow compared with the steel pipes.
    6.Low thermal expansion: 1/60 of the steel pipe; expansion coefficient close to the concrete.
    7.Economical for floor heating system, save energy for you by 30%.
    8.Easy for repairing or replacing: concealed buried PB tubing never joints with the concrete.
    9.Multiple connecting ways, e.g. thermal soldering, push-fit fittings, etc.

  • For its excellent performance, it can be widely used in
    1.Radiator Heating & Floor Heating
    2.Hot & Cold Water Supply
    3.The ceiling of refrigeration
    4.Air Conditioning System
    5.Industrial Pipelines,Fire Controlling Pipelines and Ship Pipelines, etc.


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