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DUNHUA PE-RT EVOH Floor Heating Pipe

DUNHUA focuses on the energy-efficiency, safe and comfort of its PE-RT PLUMBING SYSTEM, which has been the preferred choice of residential radiant & floor heating networks.

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  • DUNHUA "Flexible 3-Layer PE-RT Heating Pipe with EVOH Oxygen Barrier.
    The high performance DUNHUA PE-RT EVOH (Oxygen Barrier) heating pipe is manufactured by an addition of chemicals to the polyethylene raw material. This increases the strength of the pipe which allows PE-RT pipes to be successfully used for the radiator and underfloor heating systems. This pipe is highly flexible, easy to use and has very good creep strength and high stability against stress
    The PE-RT EVOH pipe is specially designed with resistance to light and oxygen to inhibit the microorganism and prevent the metals in the hearing system form corrosion and rusting. This advantage greatly prolongs the lifetime of metal parts, such as the valves, switch, boiler, etc. The DUNHUA PE-RT pipe is a high quality 3-layer floor heating pipe with and EVOH oxygen barrier. All layers are permanently bonded with each during the production process. The 3-layer built up means that the oxygen barrier is protected by an outer layer of PE-RT which prevents scratches during installation and ensures a long lifetime of your floor heating installation.


  • 1.3-layer EVOH oxygen barrier, oxygen permeability 0.07, in the excess of the standards of DIN4726 & GB28799;
    2.Long lifetime: Dowlex 2344 or LG SK-800 & manufactured to the highest standard;
    3.Optimally stabilized against aging & heating, suitable for radiator floor heating systems; superior heat dispersion and Heat conduction ( coefficient: 0.4 Watt/m*К ), thus saving the energy;
    4.No corrosion, no rusting & no scaling, excellent for drinking water system too;
    5.Good flexibility, easy & comfortable for bending and installation;
    6.Excellent weldability, multiple jointing ways: thermal soldering or connecting with fittings;
    7.Smooth inwall: small resistance to fluid with 30% increases in water flow compared with the steel pipes;
    8.Good environmental adaptation: frost resistant, no preheating for bending even in the winner construction;
    9.Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.19mm/m*К;
    10.Recyclable and environmental.

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