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DUNHUA Nano Anti-bacterial PPR Pipe

Building Water Supply System

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  • Nano is the statutory measurement in the name of the measuring unit, its unit symbols is nm. 1nm equal to one thousand millionth of a meter, namely as long as 10 hydrogen atoms in straight line. When the particle size of the material is 0.1-100nm, collectively called nanophase materials. At present the nanometer material in plastic can improve the material’s barrier property, the mechanical strength, thermal deformation temperature and improve the material’s low temperature resistance, at the same time , strengthened the antioxidant brittle relaxing and ultraviolet prevention ability, greatly improve the service life of the pipe.

  • 1.Sanitary & non-toxic;
    2.Corrosion resistant & not scaling;
    3.Elegant appearance;
    4.Antimicrobial. The sterilization rate of escherichia coli and golden staphylococcus is over 90%;
    5.In the long-term work water temperature during civil constructional engineering,, water temperature is less than 70℃, max temperature is less than 80℃, system pressure reaches 0.8Mpa;
    6.Heat preservation & energy efficient. The transfer-heat coefficient of our product is only 0.5% of metallic pipe;
    7.Light weight. Only 1/8 of steel. Be convenient in transportation and installation;
    8.Apply thermal melting connection, It’s easy, reliable, environmental, safe;
    9.Long service life. The working life is approximately 50 years under the normal pressure and temperature.


  • 1. Purified water, drinking water system;
    2. Solar heating and cooling equipment system;
    3. Beverage and liquid medicine production system;
    4. Industrial compressed air pipe network;
    5. Cali-duct, floor and wall heating equipment;
    6. Indoor and outdoor pipe of exposed installation;
    7. Oxygen pipe in hospital;
    8. Other industrial and agricultural pipe.


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